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The Umbrella Tree prides itself in covering every branch of your business and offers a range of Virtual Assistant services.We understand the pressures involved in running your own business so we are ideally placed to help you and love helping others to achieve their goals which is why we provide virtual business support to Coaches, Speakers and Trainers.

Why us?

We understand that each client needs something slightly different and looking at your priorities with you ensures that the service you are receiving is the one that will be the most beneficial and provide the most value to you.  You can enjoy a tailored package of your choice making it affordable and effective.

So how does it work? 

Well, we have a chat, send you a summary email of the discussion, you decide you would like to work with us, we agree on the hours you need and the package or payment method that suits you best and off we go!  It really is as simple as that.

For all you busy coaches, speakers with a hectic speaking schedule, trainers with a hundred and one workshops to organise, you need a Virtual Assistant! And you have come to the right place.

Working in one or all of these industries leads to an extremely busy work schedule leaving you with little time for anything else and that much coveted work/life balance seems a thing of the past.

Well fear not, help is at hand!

You can outsource a number of tasks necessary to run a successful business to us.  Having worked with Coaches, Speakers and Trainers,  we have a full understanding of just how busy a day can be and how many aspects of your business you need to juggle.

If you would like to find out a little more about the type of tasks that we can help you with, check our our blog 5 hours and one Virtual Assistant.

These are some of the tasks that we currently do for clients and we could do for you too!

  • All that admin!
  • Assisting with your marketing
  • Creating your newsletters
  • Booking your client appointments
  • Managing your busy diary
  • Do the research needed for articles, blogs or business development
  • Helping you prepare for your coaching sessions
  • Preparing your workshops and training sessions
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations and documents
  • Keeping your customer lists up to date
  • Scheduling your social media
  • Website updates
  • And all the other bits as well!

The list is endless, but all this can be handed over leaving you more time to concentrate on your clients and the things that you enjoy.We will look at your priorities and work together to grow and develop your business.  With a package tailored for you the sky is the limit!

These are our most popular Virtual Assistant services:

PA Support

Being as busy as you are, you need someone to support you behind the scenes.  Imagine all those admin tasks that have been hanging over you disappearing!  Not only can we take that to do list and shrink it but we can be your support network as well.  Having someone to bounce ideas off and discuss plans is invaluable to someone such as yourself.  Our PA support is second to none and will change the way that your business runs.

Event and Project Management

When you are trying to coordinate an event or project, it can be time consuming.  There are a myriad of tasks to complete usually alongside your day to day job.

We can organise an event or manage a project for you from start to finish.  We will run through each step together and set the boundaries at the start.  We will then deal with each step of the process moving forward thoroughly and professionally ensuring that a project is delivered on time and an event is organised perfectly.

Social Media Support

Social media management is time consuming but really important for your business and is an excellent marketing tool.  It puts you directly in front of potential clients on a daily basis and keeps you in the front of their minds.

Setting up accounts on your chosen social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram can all be done for you.  We will manage these and look after the posting, scheduling and creating of content ensuring that a regular presence is maintained on social media so you don’t have to worry.

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with your clients is so important and touching base regularly can make a huge difference.  It is the perfect opportunity to market your business and yourself.

We can arrange to send approved monthly communications for you by creating a template email or newsletter, creating and importing contact lists, maintaining contact lists in your chosen email marketing platform and importing content, links, pictures, images or video.

You can then keep your clients up to date with offers, products and top tips!




Get in touch to find out how we can help you in your business.

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